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Our Mission

We will emerge to help those in need. donation SPIRIT and/or captures the essence of benevolence.

We embrace free market principles by creating store models within a non-profit organization. This self-funded venture will be formed and operate without using any government grants.

Our retail store will thrive in today’s market and provide necessary funds by helping local churches with established benevolent outreach programs.

Our stock of gently used goods will rival competition by offering more economical pricing and better value. Our unique approach to social issues and vital assistance will strengthen local churches and our community.

Our mission of retail benevolence will compliment those who believe in assisting those in need, caring for the poor or helping others with vital needs such as widows and orphans.

Savvy consumers, bargain hunters and families on tight budgets will benefit from frequent turnover of gently used goods at affordable prices. donation SPIRIT and

Although we are in the process of formation as a religious non-profit, our foundation supports the benevolent nature of the early Church.

We are committed to our mission and currently in the process and planing our first store location for a late Winter 2013 grand opening.

In Christ & Liberty,

Mr. Darel Long
Founder and Director